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Financial Institutions

The Redwoods Company offers a customized solution for each of our bank/credit union partners. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business and as a result you need to be sure you are working with an organization that takes this process seriously.

The Redwoods Company follows a strict code of ethics that ensures that your customers are getting the exact program they signed up for.

Our exclusive Code of Ethics program includes the following:

  1. Full disclosure of all rates and fees so your clients know exactly what they are paying
  2. Our exclusive True Cost Plan for small volume merchants
  3. Competitive equipment pricing with the latest technology
  4. Fully trained and certified staff members for set up and installation
  5. Customized agreements based on each merchants needs
  6. A full suite of products to choose from including wireless, e-commerce, gift and loyalty and point of sale solutions

Our payment processing platforms are among the most secure in the industry and we follow strict PCI compliance guidelines so your merchants are protected against security breaches.

Most importantly we offer each of our bank/credit union partners a personal concierge that manages your account and ensures that you have a person in house that handles your business needs quickly and professionally.

For our bank partners we offer the following:

  1. Competitive and profitable profit sharing programs based on your business goals
  2. Real time reporting with instant access
  3. We assume 100% of any underwriting risk
  4. We handle all aspects of each account so you don’t have to. This includes the application process, underwriting, file builds, downloads and customer service
  5. We keep your clients in compliance with the latest PCI security regulations so they are protected against possible breaches

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