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Business Clients and Merchants

In this fast-paced world of ever-changing technology, small businesses like yours are often challenged to maintain pace with the big box competitors. In our direct meetings with thousands of small business owners during the past several years, we have had our minds open to your ideas and listened to your frustrations. Most of you own a business because you are passionate about what you do, some of you inherited it from a family member, but all of you have a common goal-to make your business successful.

At The Redwoods Company we understand your frustrations and your passion. We are small business owners just like you. We deal with employees and payroll, marketing and advertising, rent and taxes. In working with us, you will see we do things just a little bit differently. We focus our time and energy on really getting to know you and your business model. Our account executives are handpicked and trained in our local offices.

We have experts on staff to help you navigate the complex world of merchant services. We have a local concierge team that works with you one on one each month to help you grow your business. We have proprietary tools like our VIP Program and BizTrack that help you grow your business and give you the marketing power to compete with your big box neighbors.

Most importantly we understand that you want someone in your corner- a partner if you will. You want someone that will pick up the phone when you call with a question, rather than being placed on hold. Our success is based directly on your success. We have the tools and expertise to help your small business grow and prosper and we plan on working with you every step of the way.