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What Makes Us Different

At the Redwoods Company we focus our energy on a simple philosophy-under promise and over deliver. This simple concept permeates everything that we do. From the receptionist to the ownership we are all directly involved and trained to handle your business needs. A certified technician will setup your processes needs.

  • All of our employees are eligible for our profit sharing plan. This ensures that they have your best interest at heart in everything that they do.
  • All of our representatives undergo an intensive background check, certification process, code of ethics, etc. No other ISO hold their Agents to these standards.
  • All our merchants have access to instant reporting in regards to their merchant account in real time. This includes access to downgrade codes so that you know if your staff is processing cards correctly.
  • Our ownership team is directly involved in all day to day operations. This means that when you want to speak with the owner you can.
  • Our proprietary BizTrack tool keeps you informed and motivated. Written by some of our top business clients BizTrack feeds you great information on a variety of legal, financial and marketing topics.
  • Our proprietary Trouble Ticketing system gives you a guaranteed 15 minute response via e-mail on any topic or concern that you may have. This means answers to your questions on your agenda not ours.
  • A percentage of all our company profits goes to the At Home Group. In addition we offer a monthly matching plan for all our clients so you have a partner in making our world just a little bit better.
  • Our annual review gives you peace of mind knowing that your rates and fees are competitive in relation to your business growth.
  • Our merchant rewards program is second to none in regards to paying you for merchant and staffing referrals. In addition we reward you just for staying with us each year. How many other companies do that?

In summary, at The Redwoods Company we are directly involved with each and every one of our clients. Whether you are doing $1K or 100K in processing we will create a customized plan just for you.

We would be happy to review your current merchant statement to make sure you are getting fair rates given the business you are doing. This free analysis will include a comprehensive review of your current statement and a follow up phone call explaining your current program costs. Our operations team is available Monday through Friday and offers 24/7 technical support.

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